Humans have been using sound to heal the body, expand awareness, and access deeper states of consciousness for thousands of years.   A few examples of the use of sound include toning, chanting, shamanic drumming, Tibetan singing bowls, and didjeridoo.  Our bodies resonate in harmony  and accord with these healing sound vibrations via sympathetic oscillation.

The perfect balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems creates the highest state of homeostasis.  We can orchestrate this through brainwave entrainment and sonic induction therapy.  It is in homeostasis where the innate intelligence takes over and guides your body in healing itself, starting with the top priority.

Present technology allows us to affect the bodymind in 2 ways:

  1. Physical resonance heals the body using sound frequency vibrations.
  2. Brainwave Entrainment- changing states of consciousness using sound with sympathetic resonance of brainwave function.

At Quantum Harmony we employ a marriage of ancient and state of the art Sound Healing modalities.  Utilizing physical, direct, octave and harmonic resonance with brainwave entrainment and primordial sounds, we address your whole being in a custom format.  Whether you are lying on the sound table on top of the amethyst crystal Biomat, or floating in the warm water with the didjeridoo sending healing vibrations, deep relaxation and healing are going to occur.

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