Words will never do it justice.  One can attempt to explain it, yet after experiencing aquatic bodywork people consistently comment that it’s very difficult to describe.  Your best bet is to receive a session and experience it for yourself.

Watsu® is the original aquatic bodywork modality wherein a person is floated in a 96 degree warm water pool.  I utilize passive joint movement, stretches and massage while you breathe deeply out of gravity- allowing you to release, relax, open and let go.  Created and Trademarked by Harold Dull in the 1980’s in northern California, Watsu® is deeply relaxing and affects dramatic changes in the autonomic nervous system.  The sympathetic nervous system is quieted and the parasympathetic nervous system is enhanced, which profoundly effects the neuromuscular system.   This allows physiological changes to occur in the body.

Aquatic Bodywork helps increase range of motion and decrease muscle tension, which results in decreased pain.  Clients report relief in both physical and emotional pain.  Various populations have turned to aquatic bodywork and have found it to be beneficial for a host of conditions.  An incomplete list includes: chronic pain, post traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia, spinal cord injury, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. 

Aquatic Bodywork is great for people who love to relax and for those who need to de-stress.  96 degree water is basically the same temperature as your outer skin, so after an hour of relaxing you do not overheat nor get chilled. Click here to request a session.